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Move with Lu Pilates

The Move With Lu Pilates website is very modern and is highly responsive. It includes a booking system which includes taking payments.

Thoth London

Thoth London's products are all about the future and this theme supports that idea, giving it that futuristic look. It's simple to use yet slick interface creates a immersive and positive user experience.


A website that has a video as the background on the landing page whilst making the text visible still. The website had blogging capabilities and the articles are featured in a stylistic way. The website also boasts a custom font for the headings throughout .

Nicole Jourdan London

E-commerce website that was built to showcase candle products that were available and includes discounts and coupon code capability. The website itself is very responsive and works well for products being purchased on mobile.

Suretech IT

Website was updated to a more dynamic and responsive theme and user experience was significantly improved. The website outlines Suretech's services in a clear and concise format.

360 Wildlife Control

Website created for dealing with rabbit control and other animal services to increase online presence and outline services.

Psychological Therapies Bristol

One-page website created for individual and couple therapy and the information is a clear and concise format.

Night Sky Advisory

Client wanted a one-page website where as the prospective user clicked an option in the navigation bar, they would be directed to the specific element on the homepage. What is really impressive with this website is the consistent use of the colour scheme really well, which supports the images.

Topcare Lettings

Client needed online presence and showcasing their services and I was able to assist them with a dynamic, responsive and mobile website that can attract more business for the client.

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